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  1. The solution is to create a link to workflow folder of Alfred which works for me like a charm. But the dropbox sync is broken because I can not sync settings between my work laptop and personal laptop
  2. Hi AndreasB, I've released a new version which has menu system. Let's have a try. Document can be found here: https://github.com/g...workflow-nodejs. You also can download example workflow for more details
  3. @AndreasB, I am implementing that feature. I am trying to make that menu system easiest to use. I will release it soon and update to you
  4. I updated my module to add more feature and update code to add default workflow file. You can just download it, import to Alfred, and start writing your workflow. More details are in here: https://github.com/giangvo/alfred-workflow-nodejs.
  5. FYI, IFTTT have just released DoButton app (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/do-button-by-ifttt/id905998610?mt=8) and it has ability to run it's receipts from notification widget.
  6. I think this case is different with Launcher. Launcher is removed from store because its widgets interact with other apps(phone, message,..). But in our case, widget just call Alfred remote to do stuff inside our app (just like Evernote or other widgets). It's my opinion
  7. +1 I will be awesome to have this feature.
  8. It will be great if we can config some Alfred Remote actions to be in Iphone notification. Instead of opening app and select action, we can pull down notification center and select those actions. It will make us calling those actions much more faster. Thanks & Regards, Tung Dang
  9. I wrote a nodejs module which providing helpers to create Alfred Workflow - Workflow & Item - Helper to build and generate feedbacks - Storage - Helper to CRUD data - Settings - Helper to CRUD settings, store password securely - Utils Document and usage are put in here: https://github.com/giangvo/alfred-workflow-nodejs. Hope it will help! P/S: I don't know if this is good place to put my thread. If it is not, please help to move it into correct place. Thanks mod.
  10. I wrote a nodejs module to help to create workflow here: https://github.com/giangvo/alfred-workflow-nodejs. Hope it will help!
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