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  1. Howdy my good man, so sorry I missed this. I have logged two bugs for you: 1. Weird search issue --> https://github.com/stuartcryan/lastpass-alfred-workflow/issues/12 2. Shameful SHAMEFUL typo LOL --> https://github.com/stuartcryan/lastpass-alfred-workflow/issues/13 Thank you for reporting them, I have a week off as of this evening so hopefully will be able to get to them. Cheers, Stuart
  2. H Hi Jay, The workflow itself does not do any storage of passwords in any way shape or form. Really it comes down to the CLI that has been written by the lastpass team and how much you trust them/it. Essentially all this workflow does is leverage the content within the CLI that Lastpass provides. Therefore I would say you would need to make an assessment as to how much you trust that LastPass has put together a safe CLI. Having said that if you trust them enough to use their other browser plugins, I foresee no issue why their CLI should be any different. And no worries at al
  3. OOOH noted, I have logged two issues on github. 1. Don't assume .com.au need to look at some sort of localisation --> https://github.com/stuartcryan/advanced-google-maps-alfred-workflow/issues/1 2. Add additional locations dynamically --> https://github.com/stuartcryan/advanced-google-maps-alfred-workflow/issues/2 I will try to get to these in my next round of updates . Cheers, Stuart
  4. Howdy my good man, Any chance you could do a screen recording of the issue (and upload to youtube as private? or alternatively I can set up an SFTP location for you). Just want to get a better idea of how it all works as I haven't used the quake feature before. Cheers, Stuart
  5. Hi All, As per a request submitted on Github, I have updated to add support for FirefoxDeveloperEdition and Webkit Nightly Builds to the workflow. New version is 1.2 and is available here --> https://github.com/stuartcryan/defaultbrowser-alfred-workflow/blob/master/set-default-browser-alfred-workflow.alfredworkflow #enjoy
  6. All righty, I have logged two issues on github for you: 1. https://github.com/stuartcryan/custom-iterm-applescripts-for-alfred/issues/7- Feature request 2. https://github.com/stuartcryan/custom-iterm-applescripts-for-alfred/issues/6- Investigate bug relating to iTerm behaviour Cheers, Stuart
  7. Good to know on the version I will have a squiz and see what I can come up with. I was actually thinking along the lines of a boolean in the script itself (rather than a separate script). So I think that would suit exactly what you are looking for. And that is strangeeeee I might have a play and see if I need to ask for some extra applescript additions in iTerm to help get around it even in the long term. Cheers, Stuart
  8. Hi Maddog, Can I please ask, what version of iTerm are you running? I will have to have a look as that may require some additional logic (I will have to play with the feature as I have not used it before). Also with regards to the new feature, that is possible but it would be on an all or nothing basis, i.e. it can't really be set at run time. So are you looking for a set one off to change how the script as a whole runs or are you looking for something you can change each time it runs depending on what behaviour you would like at that time (just wanting to clarify, as the latter is not re
  9. Unfortunately (as I don't believe there is any way to integrate with the binaries within the browser) I don't think that would be achievable. However, I am going to work on a feature request discussed recently that will open the URL of the item in your default browser then copy the password to the clipboard Cheers, Stuart
  10. No worries at all and I will have a look at fixing that as it *should* be telling you that the binary is not installed. Will get a fix in for that for the next version. Cheers, Stuart
  11. Hmm it seems as though it could not find the lpass binary. Have you installed lastpass-cli? Also what happens when you run in terminal: which lpass Cheers, Stuart
  12. Awesome good to know, I will keep an eye on it, may have just been a glitch in the matrix but if I get another report I will take a closer squiz. Cheers, Stuart
  13. OOOH that is a conundrum. Has it all been working OK since then (or you need to manually open iTerm each time for it to work properly?) Also when you say tons of tabs, may I ask how many on average (as I did not test the script with more than about five so might need to test more). After I have the extra info I will have a deeper squiz for you (and thank you for reporting the issue). Cheers, Stuart
  14. Howdy everyone, I can happily say today I release v1.2 of the workflow. This should be significantly more stable and resolve some login issues people have been having. Please let me know if you have any issues in case there are still some slightly different configurations out there the workflow is not yet dealing with. Cheers, Stuart Changes in this release: Bug - Removed deprecated framework code Bug - Merged pull request #4 from jsquyres "we-love-macports-too" to support macports installs of the lastpass-CLI Bug - Further improved on jsquyres code to support some additional install loc
  15. Howdy all In case you don't follow the Alfred blog (which if you don't you are missing out ), the AlfredApp team have today announced that: "With the upcoming release of Alfred 2.7.2, the default iTerm integration has been replaced by the "Custom" scripts option. This allows for a more up-to-date and more flexible way to handle the iTerm integration, using scripts created by one of our fantastic users, Stuart Ryan." So, I will be on hand to give as much support as I can during the transition, I am hoping there won't be too many issues as I know there are quite a few users out there al
  16. OK can't seem to get you via PM (says you can't use it). So instead --> Could you please try downloading this new beta of the workflow --> [updated link August 18, 2015] https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/9093155/alfred-workflows/stuartcryan-lastpass-cli/LastPassCLI_1.2.1_beta.alfredworkflow After you have installed the updated workflow you will need to run: lpsetemail yourname@example.com If you would like you can also use: lpsettimeout NUMSEC (where NUMSEC is either 0 - no timeout, or a number of seconds, otherwise a default of 28800 is used). Please let me know if you
  17. Hi Klau, I haven't had contact, the other person that had this issue it magically cleared up (I hate it when that happens). I will PM you as I have a beta version of the workflow that may fix the issue for you. Cheers, Stuart
  18. Hi All, Some minor modifications to the scripts, VĂ­tor has done some great work standardising the scripts and a version number has now been added for ease of future tracking. There are no functionality changes in this release, only code cleanup and some additional comments. Cheers, Stuart
  19. Hi All, Minor update to the 2.9 branch to remove a bug introduced in the last update (my bad), I forgot to remove quotes around one of the parameters. This had the effect that when iTerm was already running, you would get a 'q' rather than the command you opted to run. Cheers, Stuart
  20. Custom Terminal AppleScripts to Integrate iTerm and Alfred iTerm version 3 beta: The iTerm 3 beta version is the same version we have had for quite some time, which is also known as 2.9. Therefore the v2.9 branch of the script will work just fine with the v3 (aka 2.9) beta and v3 when it is released (any major changes to iTerm's applescript not withstanding). In a blog post released recently (19th August 2015) Vero (Alfred's Mum ) has announced that as of the next version of Alfred, these custom terminal scripts will be the available mechanism for integrating Alfred and iTerm: "
  21. I am happy to say I have pulled together a major update for everyone. I hope there are others out there getting use out of this, if not... I have done a lot of updates for my self *cackles*. Changes are as follows: Feature: Support additional browsers - added Chromium, Canary and SeaMonkey Feature: Only show installed browsers Feature: Indicate which browser is the current default Feature: Added hotkey assignments (to launch workflow, launch with "chrome", and launch with "safari") Improvement: Renamed description in Alfred to simply "Default Browser" Improvement: Improved failure feedba
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