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  1. OK so human error is a thing... it happens, and totally my bad. After releasing this a couple of guys have pointed out to me that the binary itself did not actually update :( so all of you that tried to download this yesterday would have got the same old boring workflow. HOWEVER That is now fixed and we have v1.4.3 which also adds another feature/fix which I had a stroke of genius on yesterday (after the original release). 1.4.3 also includes a feature/fix to drastically speed up the performance of the LastPass CLI's copy to clipboard function. Therefore passwords should now copy with lightening speed Looking forward to everyone's thoughts.
  2. Ladies and gents, I can happily say today marks the release of a LOT of time and effort... 1.4.2 of the workflow is OUT Version 1.4.2 MAJOR update - Please Read ----------------------------------------------------------- Ladies and gents, I am happy to present v 1.4.2 of the workflow. Before I continue, this has represented a SIGNIFICANT amount of work for me so if you like it and use it, please say thank you by donating towards my Diet Coke and cake fund. Any amount will do, whatever you feel the value is for you/your business/your time. Please note you *MUST* update your LastPass CLI version to 0.7.1 or higher as this update relies on new functionality that I worked with the LastPass team on integrating into the official CLI. I would also like to say thank you to Michael B. who was extremely patient and worked with me back and forth to help quash an evil bug that stopped some vault items from displaying at all. If you haven't used LastPass before... you are crazy and you should it is the single greatest password manager package out there so check it out at http://stu.link/LaStPaSs (Disclaimer, if you sign up through that link I get a free month otherwise you can go direct to http://www.lastpass.com). ----------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.4.2 NOTE: This version *requires* the LastPass CLI v 0.7.1 or higher due to this new feature --> Login process completely changed over to use AppleScript (cleaner and nicer). This was thanks to work between myself and Bob from LastPass who maintains the official LastPass CLI to add a feature allowing an external login prompt to be used. Login password prompt now uses an AppleScript password prompt. Fix to allow you to search for words in any order. Vault item's which now require re-authentication will pop up the AppleScript login prompt. Has now been tested with a Vault with over 30,000 items for performance tweaks. (I have since been told by LastPass support their soft limit is significantly lower than this at ~2500 items explains why I was having some issues in testing). More resilient escaping of text in the XML to ensure that special characters should not cause any issues. Fixed missing quotes in some areas that could cause issues with spaces. Squashed a little regex bug and wiped up the goo. Fixed issues with spaces in certain paths we referenced Fixed how the initial login process is run after a reboot. This required the changes made to how we manage the login process and it has subsequently been cleaned up significantly. Other minor general tweaks. Any issues please log an issue over at GitHub.
  3. Hopefully the last beta update before release: I give to you 1.4.2 which (with the new login issue) resolves a long standing bug which made the login process after a reboot somewhat less than user intuitive. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/9093155/LastPass%20CLI_1.4.2_beta.alfredworkflow If I don't get any major show stopper feedback in the next 24 hours this will be marked as the next stable release.
  4. Hi All, Another beta update, this update aims to further improve stability and deal with special characters in item names. Also working towards fixing a bug where some items would not display (but hard to narrow down as it requires the sharing of vault data for me to diagnose). Feedback welcome: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/9093155/LastPass%20CLI_1.4_beta.alfredworkflow
  5. They are if I pass them through to bash. So basically I use a system command (perl) to run a command with Bash, but using the Alfred variables I am able to pass the data through that I need to that system command.
  6. For anyone else that is interested... version 1.3 beta https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/9093155/LastPass%20CLI_1.3_beta.alfredworkflow If you do download... please subscribe to this post so you know when to download the final. Changes in this version: 1. Change login process to use AppleScript, far cleaner and should support passwords that require RE authentication 2. Improvements to reliability, especially surrounding searching for items with multiple words 3. Fix to allow you to search for words in any order 4. Other minor general tweaks 5. Has now been tested with a Vault with over 30,000 items for performance tweaks. OOH forgot to mention you MUST use lastpass CLI 0.7.1 or higher, the script changes are not backwards compatible as we rely on a new feature that I worked with the LastPass team on.
  7. Howdy my good man, sorry for the delay, it seems I missed out on these email notifications when my mailbox overflowed and stopped accepting emails #oops Glad you got it solved. Cheers, Stuart
  8. Hi Michael, I am currently liaising with LastPass support to see what options I have for basically generating a large dummy vault so that I can do some performance testing. I will keep you posted. Cheers, Stuart
  9. Awesome and thank you. I will message you to get your contact details you are exactly the kind of person I would like to test (especially want to try to get it working with huge vaults).
  10. Hi All, I have been working on a major update to the LastPass for Alfred workflow, and am looking for a handful of people that are regular users of the workflow (i.e. multiple times daily) to beta test the new flow for me. This is the workflow for those of you interested: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/5630-lastpass-workflow-for-alfred-update-v12-released-august-21-2015/ Current change list as follows: 1. Login process completely changed over to use AppleScript 2. Login password prompt now uses an AppleScript password prompt Still working on (prior to beta release): 1. Enabling access to passwords that require re-authentication 2. General speed optimisations 3. Toying round with the idea of auto presenting the search prompt after login... have not yet decided on this (open to ideas). If you are interested please just post a comment here and I will get into contact with you when ready. Many thanks Stuart
  11. This is true, except for when you run something in Bash I have found, hence I need to be more explicit.
  12. Howdy all, have a bit of a conundrum. In one of the workflows I am developing, I have a script which needs to set an environment variable for OSX such as: set osascript to "/Users/stuartryan/Dropbox/AlfredSync/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.EE2025D2-9836-4EF1-995D-B91C6A8D3377/passwordInput.osascript" However, in order to do this I need to be able to tell what the workflow directory is on each system. Is there any automated mechanism/variable to do this? (Using osascript). Alternatively the only other workaround I can think of is to check if a data directory exists for the workflow, and if not create it and "cat" a file there. Ideally I would copy the file over but I need to know where to copy it from first. Thank you all... this one is doing my head in so trying to find what the best supported solution is. Cheers, Stuart
  13. Howdy all, Vitor has done some awesome work and closed out a couple of tasks, I apologise for the delay in merging them but I have been unwell. All back to normal now and new version of the scripts have been released, so I suggest you get your hands on the latest version from: iTerm 2 Branch (tested up to 2.1.1) - view the v2.1 script on Github - updated December 14, 2015 iTerm 2.9 Branch (tested up to 2.9.20150626) - view the v2.9 script on Github - Updated December 14, 2015 Thank you Vitor for your efforts, you rule! Cheers, Stuart
  14. Boo that is a shame, something I won't be able to fix for the time being. Hopefully they can resolve that soon in the iTerm binary. If there are any changes as a result after the fix I can look at making those in the AppleScript. Cheers, Stuart
  15. Howdy my good man, so sorry I missed this. I have logged two bugs for you: 1. Weird search issue --> https://github.com/stuartcryan/lastpass-alfred-workflow/issues/12 2. Shameful SHAMEFUL typo LOL --> https://github.com/stuartcryan/lastpass-alfred-workflow/issues/13 Thank you for reporting them, I have a week off as of this evening so hopefully will be able to get to them. Cheers, Stuart
  16. H Hi Jay, The workflow itself does not do any storage of passwords in any way shape or form. Really it comes down to the CLI that has been written by the lastpass team and how much you trust them/it. Essentially all this workflow does is leverage the content within the CLI that Lastpass provides. Therefore I would say you would need to make an assessment as to how much you trust that LastPass has put together a safe CLI. Having said that if you trust them enough to use their other browser plugins, I foresee no issue why their CLI should be any different. And no worries at all, no offence taken, it is good to be diligent in these matters. Cheers, Stuart
  17. OOOH noted, I have logged two issues on github. 1. Don't assume .com.au need to look at some sort of localisation --> https://github.com/stuartcryan/advanced-google-maps-alfred-workflow/issues/1 2. Add additional locations dynamically --> https://github.com/stuartcryan/advanced-google-maps-alfred-workflow/issues/2 I will try to get to these in my next round of updates . Cheers, Stuart
  18. Howdy my good man, Any chance you could do a screen recording of the issue (and upload to youtube as private? or alternatively I can set up an SFTP location for you). Just want to get a better idea of how it all works as I haven't used the quake feature before. Cheers, Stuart
  19. Hi All, As per a request submitted on Github, I have updated to add support for FirefoxDeveloperEdition and Webkit Nightly Builds to the workflow. New version is 1.2 and is available here --> https://github.com/stuartcryan/defaultbrowser-alfred-workflow/blob/master/set-default-browser-alfred-workflow.alfredworkflow #enjoy
  20. All righty, I have logged two issues on github for you: 1. https://github.com/stuartcryan/custom-iterm-applescripts-for-alfred/issues/7- Feature request 2. https://github.com/stuartcryan/custom-iterm-applescripts-for-alfred/issues/6- Investigate bug relating to iTerm behaviour Cheers, Stuart
  21. Good to know on the version I will have a squiz and see what I can come up with. I was actually thinking along the lines of a boolean in the script itself (rather than a separate script). So I think that would suit exactly what you are looking for. And that is strangeeeee I might have a play and see if I need to ask for some extra applescript additions in iTerm to help get around it even in the long term. Cheers, Stuart
  22. Hi Maddog, Can I please ask, what version of iTerm are you running? I will have to have a look as that may require some additional logic (I will have to play with the feature as I have not used it before). Also with regards to the new feature, that is possible but it would be on an all or nothing basis, i.e. it can't really be set at run time. So are you looking for a set one off to change how the script as a whole runs or are you looking for something you can change each time it runs depending on what behaviour you would like at that time (just wanting to clarify, as the latter is not really possible). Cheers, Stuart
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