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I'm trying to create a very simple workflow


1. Keyword: mic

(with space)

argument required



2. Run Script

osa script

set volume input volume {query}



3. Post Notification

Microphone Volume Set to {query} %



I have no idea any notification does not show {query} at all :(



Thanks in advance for all your help.

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If you're having problems with a workflow, please post the workflow. Screenshots are not enough.

The problem is most likely that you aren't actually sending any input to the Show Notification element, but without having the actual workflow, I'm just guessing.

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@Tomasz Banas The AppleScript is just setting the volume; it’s not returning it. Hence you’re passing nothing from step two to three. Adding return {query} at the end of the second step should work.


But like @deanishe pointed out, in the future please post the non-working Workflow. I’m not absolutely certain of my fix because I don’t have the actual Workflow to test.

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18 minutes ago, vitor said:

@Tomasz Banas The earlier tip was correct. Add return {query} at the end of the Run Script, and it’ll work.


You should also add a Transform action before Post Notification, like so:



And tell it to Trim Whitespace:



Otherwise you’ll not see the % sign, as it’ll be in a different line (due to the return).

Now it stopped working :) 




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2 minutes ago, Tomasz Banas said:

Now it stopped working :) 


You’ll need to be more specific than that. Seems to work fine, here. Notice I’m only checking if the notification outputs, not the mic volume.


Also, here’s another way to do it. You won’t need the return or the Transform. This is your original Workflow, just with nodes connected in a different way.


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