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Still seeing input lag on high sierra with certain themes


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I found this thread: 

Which is exactly what's happening to me, however I see that it's listed as closed and fixed in version 3.4.1 b858, but I'm on 3.5 build 875 and still seeing it.  My config:

MacBookPro11,4 (15" Retina - Mid 2015)


High Sierra 10.13 (17A405)

Alfred 3.5 build 875


Just wanted to let you know that it's still happening.  Switching to Alfred Mac OSX theme did resolve the issue, but Frosty Teal (which I was using) is very slow.





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@emeryamiller if you update to the 3.5.1 pre-release, I've also reduced the blur on the frosty teal theme. Any custom themes, reduce the blur to less than 50% and they should be fine.


I've still left the ability to over blur themes as the lag is only affecting a subset of users, and Apple are aware of this GPU / blur bug.





[moving to closed]

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