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System Monitor - Glance at system performance. List/Kill Top Processes.

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System Monitor

Take a glance at system performance. List/Kill Top Processes by Memory, Cpu or IO Usage.




Forked from Zhao Cai as Alfred 2 Top Workflow at https://github.com/zhaocai/alfred2-top-workflow

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    1. List/Kill Top Processes by Memory/CPU/IO Usage


    1. Get a glance of system status including internal battery, fan speed, CPU/GPU Temperature, bluetooth battery, disk capacity, etc.



0. Show Help

Just type -?, -h, or --help after the keyword to show help.


1. Top Processes

A. Keywords:

1.) top: Show a mixed processes list based on top cpu/memory usage.
1. top -m, top --memory to show processes ranked by memory usage
2. top -c, top --cpu, to show processes ranked by cpu usage
3. top -i, top --io, to show processes ranked by io usage with callback from top io trace collector.

Top IO requires [DTrace][Dtrace] and it would take a while to finish. The new callback design is to run the job in he background and post a notification (OSX 10.8+) using notification center. Click on the notification to show the result in alfred.


Modifier Key
  • none : The default action is to list files opened by process ID
  • control : Kill the selected process
  • command : kill forcefully (kill -9)
  • alt : Nice (lower) the selected process's cpu priority
  • shift : Search web for process information
2.) kill: Filter process to kill.
Modifier Key
  • none: The default action is to kill by process ID
  • command : kill forcefully (kill -9)
3.) lsof: List files opened by process id
Modifier Key
  • none: The default action is to reveal file in Finder

B. Filter by Query

1.) Type process name to filter


2.) To search for process state, use :idle, :sleep, :stopped, :zombie, :uninterruptible, :runnable, etc.


2. Glance an Eye on your system

A. Keywords:

  1. glance: Show system information including internal battery, bluetooth battery, disk capacity, etc.


B. Change Display Order

  1. Activate Alfred Preferences  Advanced  Top Result Keyword Latching


  2. Hit Enter for the feedback item you wish to show up on the top.


Two ways are provided:

  1. You can download the latest release from here and import into to Alfred. This method is suitable for regular users.

  2. You can git clone or fork this repository and use rake install and rake uninstall to install. Check rake -T for available tasks. This method create a symlink to the alfred workflow directory: "~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows". This method is suitable for developers.

Forked from Zhao Cai at https://github.com/zhaocai/alfred2--workflow as this was broken in High Sierra because it needed to have it's Ruby Gems re-packaged. Zhao is no longer active, so I decided to fix and fork it.
All I've done is re-package the Gems, fix Glance by using iStats (and forking that to make it easier to work with), and finally adding an item for AirPod batteries in Glance. The rest of the work is Zhao's!

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Quick question: What do the  numbers mean in "61/2: Google Chrome"?


8 hours ago, pete101 said:

"~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows"


Is that a typo? Should be "Alfred 3". It's also not (necessarily) the correct directory. If a user has preference syncing turned on, their workflows will be somewhere else.

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5 hours ago, kodiak said:

what's the difference between "kill" and "kill forcefully" ( kill -9)?


The same as between Quitting and Force Quitting an application, basically.


By default, kill sends SIGTERM (15). kill -9 sends SIGKILL (9). Here's a good explanation.

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On 10/29/2019 at 7:35 AM, kentmoney said:

Unfortunately, it seems like my workflow stopped working once upgrading to Alfred 4?


The author of this Workflow seems inactive (they last visited the forum over a year and a half ago, and made a single post) so you should have better luck contacting them via the Github page for the Workflow.

Alternatively, consider a different Workflow. I’ve made ProcessControl, which works in Alfred 4.

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