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Saving a Hotkey quickly changes the Hotkey


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Alfred 3.6.2 (918), Sierra 10.12.6.


A very minor issue.


If you set a Hotkey that includes ⌘ and then (quickly) hit ⌘S to save the Hotkey, Alfred sets the Hotkey to "⌘ double tap" (and also saves it).


Presumably Alfred is still listening for the second keypress of a double-tap hotkey. AFAIK, double-tapping ⌘⇧6 or ⌘⌥ isn't supported, so Alfred should stop listening for a second modifier keypress if the Hotkey contains multiple modifiers or non-modifier keys.


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@deanishe I'm trying to reproduce this and can't, Alfred should cancel listening for double taps with each alternative key pressed... for example, in the hotkey field, if I quickly type ⌘D ⌘S, then the D should have cancelled out the ⌘ becoming a second tap.


Is there a specific combo sequence I can use?

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