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Can’t move files to hidden directories


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Alfred v2.0.1 (173) | OSX 10.8.3


If a directory is hidden with

chflags hidden /path/to/dir

Alfred can’t move files inside it. Everything goes as expected, except that the file stays in it’s original place.

However, if we try to move a file to a visible directory inside a hidden directory, then Alfred has no trouble with it.

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Alfred asks Finder do to the copying (using AppleScript) which means you get the nice progress dialog etc. I've done some investigation into why this isn't working and it looks like over aggressive OS X security policies.


If you have one or two folders which are hidden, it might be better to setup a workflow which uses a lower level script cp or mv for these specific folders.


I've kept a ticket in the bug tracker to look into this deeper when I get time (possibly moving away from Finder / AppleScript)

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