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Searching for folders in Google Drive Stream

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We now use Google Drive Stream at work instead of Dropbox. I added /Volumes/GoogleDrive to the search scope settings and I can search for all the files. However, I can no longer search for folders typing "f foldername". Is there anything that can be added to the Simple Folders Filter to also show drive folders?


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@zenona As far as we are aware, Google Drive File Stream was previously not indexable by macOS, as explained by Google team members here:



Since then, their change log has shown that GDFS can now be indexed, but we haven't had first-hand confirmation from users:



As such, I'm not 100% sure whether macOS indexing support was added reliably yet.


Can Spotlight find your files? (Make sure they definitely are the copies on GDFS and not a red herring elsewhere on your Mac). If so, please reply and we'll take it from there. :)




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19 minutes ago, zenona said:

I can search files


With Alfred? With Spotlight? Please be as descriptive as you can so we don't get crossed wires :)


If you can already find files in GDFS with Alfred, but only folders aren't being returned, can you clarify how you're searching in Alfred? (Ideally, post a couple of screenshots of your Default and File Search settings in Alfred.)


Also, could you please install the Metadata tool and drag a folder to it? This will allow us to check that the metadata for a folder correctly identifies it as a folder to macOS.




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I can search and find the files on GFDS from Alfred after I added the Google Drive volume path to Alfred’s search preferences.


I search them using the ‘ filename command. To search for folders I always use f foldername. That doesn’t return anything from GFDS.


im in the phone now. I’ll post a screenshot of the preferences and the metadata tool part later today.



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Hello! October 2020 and still having this issue. The fact that GFS "mounts" is very inconvenient. Alfred can indeed index files by name (as can spotlight) but I am having issues with searching for content inside the files, for instance, phrases inside a PDF. And this is both from spotlight and from alfred (although alfred uses spotlight's index, so it's the same). This was a deal breaker for me, the ability to search within the files I feel it's extremely important.


The only solution I found was not to use Google Drive File Stream and switch to Google's Backup and Sync. The main difference (that I can see) is that it doesn't offer real time view on Office's products when someone is editing the file on drive.google.com. This isn't a deal breaker for me, I use it mostly as a personal tool. As a note: I don't know how Backup and Sync manages having multiple drives, I don't know if it supports it (I don't use them). Other than that, Backup and Sync actually creates a folder on your Mac, with all content stored locally (as Dropbox or iCloud do). 


This might help anyone, so here's what I did. In case anyone wants more info, here's a comparison between both tools: https://support.google.com/drive/answer/7638428?hl=en



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