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[SOLVED] Stop input being passed to next Script Filter

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Part of the workflow I'm building has two Script Filters back to back, which store info input by the user as part of the flow.


The issue is that the {query} from the first is maintained in the input window of the second, meaning the user has to manually delete it before inputting their selection for the second Script Filter.


Here's a video of it happening: http://take.ms/uwlBk


How can I stop this from happening so the "Ticket ID" input isn't pre-filled with whatever was input in the first Script Filter?

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You probably need to put an Args & Vars downstream your Script Filter to zero out the query.


If you need any more help than that, please upload the workflow somewhere and post a link to it. Screenshots and videos are of very limited use indeed.



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Sorry, I missed the pinned topic there.


Here's the workflow: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4wj5q271p7gw5f2/App Assessment.alfredworkflow?dl=0


The bit I'm having a problem with is between "emailaddress" and "ticketid". 


  1. The version number of:
    1. Alfred 3.7.1
    2. macOS 10.14.1
    3. The version of any non-system language you're using (e.g. nodejs) - N/A
    4. The version of any non-system programs you're using (e.g. ffmpeg or youtube-dl) if they aren't bundled in your workflow N/A
  2. Any changes you've made to your macOS environment (e.g. via launchctl setenv) or the language you're using (e.g. via Python's usercustomize.py or sitecustomize.py files) -- None.

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