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Alfred integration with TouchBar?

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I've seen some discussion of allowing access to the TouchBar for Workflows — and I like that. I also think that when I activate the Alfred launcher, the TouchBar should also change to show a set of common tasks, and as I type, perhaps preview the top XX results in the touchbar, so I can easily tap them without having to resort to the command+index keyboard shortcut (one less key to hit, and you could visually represent the options). 


Any thoughts about adding TouchBar support to Alfred? 

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adding a link to the other TouchBar post
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Actually, that's the thread I mentioned in my post, and was the only other thread I found about this subject. That thread is about TouchBar access for Workflows. I'm requesting foundational integration with the Alfred launcher itself — regardless of Workflow integration.


So — this is a separate topic even though both are about the TouchBar.

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5 hours ago, chris said:

That thread is about TouchBar access for Workflows. I'm requesting …


I understand where you're coming from, but TouchBar is TouchBar. Post in that thread and have your post seen by other people interested in TouchBar support. Create a new thread on the same topic and, well, there's nobody else here but me. And I'm only here to ask you to not create duplicate threads…


Join the existing discussion or (very likely) watch your thread disappear without a trace. Your choice. For my part, I won't be bumping this thread again.

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I find this discussion still very relevant and would also like to request its implementation.
@chris clearly explains its use (and qualitative difference in implementation from the other thread mentioned).

When the Alfred launcher is activated, that search window gains focus and should be able to present TouchBar buttons.
These could easily just be a list of buttons matching Alfred's list suggestions (in title and icon), and their action corresponding to activating those suggestions (like the hotkeys Command+2, Command+3, etc. but saving a keystroke).
The idea is not overly complicated, the implementation would not necessarily be either and it would nicely integrated with the MacBook's ability.
Alfred is after all about using your computer to the fullest potential, adding where the OS has not; this seems a perfect opportunity.

I hope other users and developers also provide their vision on this feature here!

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