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  1. Actually, that's the thread I mentioned in my post, and was the only other thread I found about this subject. That thread is about TouchBar access for Workflows. I'm requesting foundational integration with the Alfred launcher itself — regardless of Workflow integration. So — this is a separate topic even though both are about the TouchBar.
  2. I've seen some discussion of allowing access to the TouchBar for Workflows — and I like that. I also think that when I activate the Alfred launcher, the TouchBar should also change to show a set of common tasks, and as I type, perhaps preview the top XX results in the touchbar, so I can easily tap them without having to resort to the command+index keyboard shortcut (one less key to hit, and you could visually represent the options). Any thoughts about adding TouchBar support to Alfred?
  3. This might be more of a request for a workflow, but it would be pretty cool if Alfred offered support for Google Assistant via the SDK, like MacAssistant. I'd like to be able to interact with Siri or the Google Assistant by activating Alfred and then switching to voice assistant mode...
  4. I made two themes based on my email client, Superhuman. Since Superhuman uses Operator Mono Book as its typeface, I decided to use the open source Fira Code font to achieve a similar look. Get the themes here Here are two previews:
  5. I discovered a workflow that allows me to search over my Dropbox Paper docs, but I'd like something that would behave more like Spotificious... allowing me to browse the folders I've created iteratively... anyone interested in putting this together?
  6. This is a small nit, but I had a few snippets that I wanted to move from one collection to another and found it so strange that I couldn't just drag and drop them, but instead had to right click and choose "Move To...". I'd like to lodge a request to support dragging and dropping them!
  7. I found these two: https://github.com/phpfunk/alfred-sonos-sound-controls https://github.com/morganestes/alfred-sonos Then I took one of those and made this: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/5950-sonos-playback-control-search/
  8. I was hoping to find a playback controller for the Sonos desktop app but only found Jeff Johns's "Sonos Sound Controls" workflow, which unfortunately only offered volume control hotkeys. I tend to do a lot of playback control using keywords, so I set some up for Alfred. I'm an AppleScript noob, and Sonos doesn't really support AppleScript, so this was kind of a pain, and pretty hacky. There were some useful posts from 2008, but otherwise, I was kind of stabbing in the dark. Download here. There's support for the following commands using the 'sonos' keyword: search, play/pause, next track, previous track, volume up/down, and mute. Feedback and suggestions welcomed.
  9. Ah, it seems like it just took a long time for Dropbox to finish syncing all 37K+ files...! Looks like once the process completed, the workflows showed up as expected. False alarm!
  10. I inadvertently moved the Alfred folder in my root Dropbox folder and somehow broke Alfred's ability to access my workflows, even after I restored the folder to its previous location. These files are located in the .alfredpreferences/workflows directory (so I know they're still there): user.workflow.00B9EEC5-45F6-4369-B18C-43F6E9B245E3 user.workflow.1F2117CF-A1B6-423D-A895-43AC32B08A1A user.workflow.5C3F22F2-838F-44DF-9BA9-CB5F286C59C9 user.workflow.7CCBF355-4F45-4261-ACF9-C20E6DF62579 user.workflow.7F57BD56-5B74-49BC-8408-FB193CCFEF5E user.workflow.43F7CE49-1188-422D-959B-14D07070A466 user.workflow.143A308C-2441-46E9-8051-94E8CBA1E134 user.workflow.164CD852-CBBA-4B29-9FDB-A0569C81AB9A user.workflow.174E64FA-3EDB-4DB8-B86E-DDE1250985C3 user.workflow.06333FF4-F858-4540-8515-BD3BC553665C user.workflow.A4C71743-E94C-4339-844B-1C62E701B531 user.workflow.A7F4D1C2-39A8-420F-9B1D-1C45766F7319 user.workflow.BD3545BB-7105-4CA0-8546-AF36F16CD527 user.workflow.C77076F2-A796-422A-9BEB-1AAE7EF966FD user.workflow.D2F1EF1A-211D-4F43-924E-8460AC67EF1D user.workflow.F7865CD5-1C48-49F7-B364-A9DBE5C5755B ...but they don't appear in Alfred's Workflows UI, even after restarting Alfred. Any help in forcing Alfred to restore these workflows? Thanks!
  11. It'd be handy if Alfred could scan the apps you use most (obviously it knows, based on your launch behavior!) and find workflows from this forum and suggest them to you. There are a bunch of apps I'd love to see supported by Alfred, but it's kind of tedious to do a one-off search for each one.
  12. Sweet! Thanks for this!
  13. Thanks Tyler! I searched but didn't see that thread!
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