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  1. Added two more variants — different metrics and adjusted colors!
  2. Surprise! Made a Dark theme version!
  3. It's a fair question. Thank you. The hurdle in my way is that I'm not a developer, so my contributions are limited to not-engineering-level tasks. I can provide design, flows, user testing, advocacy, wireframes, project management... Lots of the stuff I did in the OAuth days! But I also don't want to put a lot of effort into something that other people wouldn't find valuable. I don't need @Andrew to devote his time to this specifically, but I did want to gauge interest — both specifically his (i.e. "is this a feature that would be relevant to Alfred's roadmap?") and t
  4. I've released a new theme based on Tempo that uses the open source Inter typeface! 🎩 Download it here
  5. This is true. Which is why it seems like Alfred could make it easier to interact with web services for Workflow builders. I suppose if @vitor could convince every web service provider that has an API to make it easier to get a token, then my suggestion would be moot. But until that happens, I figured creating standard plumbing to handle these flows might reduce some complexity. And FWIW, I'm quite familiar with OAuth. I was part of the original set of people that brought it together — and worked on OAuth 1.0 before we released OAuth 2.0. I am aware how annoying it is
  6. I've been exploring Raycast and one of its benefits is its deeper integration with SAAS like GitHub, Jira, Zoom, G Suite, Asana, and others. Given that all of these providers require authentication, I think it could be incredibly powerful if Alfred made it easier for Workflow developers to get API tokens from the most popular providers using a standard Workflow Object (either an Action (i.e. Sign the User In) or Utility (i.e. Get Access Token)). I realize this would require that Workflow developers would need to get API keys and do some extra leg work, but what I would
  7. Wow... @Mr Pennyworth — can you conceptually explain your approach to this workflow? I've never seen something like this:
  8. Wanted to try out the new Window Blur feature in Alfred 4.3 that @Vero introduced so made a theme inspired by Craft! Download here Preview
  9. Some requests/issues...! Here is the preview in the Alfred Appearance config: But here is the actual window, which has an additional border highlight on it...? Shouldn't Alfred reflect that border in its preview? I would also like the ability to round the scrollbar, to make it look like this (see how square these ends look in the first screenshot): And when it comes to the result separator, it would be nice if it narrowed in width to match the result roundness, or else you're left with ugly looking lines that
  10. Nice. I'm not a developer but can hack things together so... I'll see if I can figure this out. Is HTML an easier output than a SwiftUI component for quicklookurl?
  11. This is super cool @Mr Pennyworth! I love how you're using the secondary panel to augment the Alfred results... I kind of wish this were a feature built-in to Alfred itself... What is the process for building this kind of thing? I did find your alfred-extra-pane repo and I assume I would use that to build this functionality into my own workflows?
  12. Nice use of Craft!
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