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Alfred intermittently appears off screen when connecting second display

Matt V

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Since upgrading to Catalina, Alfred will intermittently render off screen after connecting a secondary monitor such that I cannot see him or the text I am typing.  Alfred does work in this situation, but obviously I cannot see what I am typing.


Unplugging the second display and plugging back in usually resolves the issue. 


What can I provide when this situation happens to help debug?

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I can confirm another instance here. Didn't realize Alfred was getting activated and does work, but after reading this I'm seeing that too. Furthermore, I just found that when I adjusted the Preferences > Displays > Arrangement (just moving one display a bit), it cleared up this issue.


In my case I have  "Save Position when Dragging" unchecked, and "Show Alfred on" "default" screen.


I've just changed the Alfred Classic theme and "Show Alfred on"  "mouse" screen to see if that improves it.

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@rtlong Can you please provide more details about your setup? 

  • Which version of macOS are you using?
  • Which version of Alfred are you using?
  • What Mac + monitor setup do you use? (e.g. retina or not, do you change setup between laptop and external screen)

Users who've reported experiencing an issue with this seem to disappear and not come back with further questions after these suggestions, so it's difficult for us to establish *what* is the source of the issue to help future users. This leads me to believe the solution is very simple, but once users don't experience the issue anymore, they don't think of sharing their solution. 



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I have the same issue. 

I have a 2018 MBP 13". Catalina 10.15.1. Alfred 4.0.6[1124].


I alternate between using only the laptop's display, a dual-monitor setup with an external display port 1920x1200 display and a single external usb-c 3440x1440 LG monitor (laptop in clamshell mode when I use this). Apart from the laptop's screen, none are 'retina' resolutions. So I guess a complicated setup and it does cause problems with other apps too when I switch between setups. 


The problem is that it's relatively sporadic - it happens perhaps 2-3 times per week. As above, it appears like a window management problem since I can still type something and Alfred will 'action' it - I just can't see what I'm doing. If I quit and restart Alfred it reappears as expected.


I'll try 'Compatibility mode' for windowing to see if that helps. 

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