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Alphabetize the Features section in the preferences?


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Just a small detail here, but it's something I notice at least a couple times a month: 


There seems to be no logical order to the Features section of Alfred's preferences.


For instance, I'm a heavy user of Snippets. Every time I go to change or add something, I naturally look toward the bottom of the list. Then I remember it's not there, and have to scan back through the list until I find it, between Clipboard and Calculator?.


So that's my feature request... even if you kept the default order the same, if there was a Finder-style tab at the top where you could sort the list alphabetically I would be a very happy camper.


Thanks so much!


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@derBingle Rather than manually go to the preferences to find your Snippets, just type "?snip" and press return to be taken directly to the Snippets preferences. :) 


You can do this for any feature, and any workflow, etc in Alfred. You can also type "?keywords" for a list of your keywords or "?hotkeys" for a list of your hotkeys.


More info on using the question mark trick here:



Features are organised very intentionally by level of importance, grouping search related features (default search results, web searches, file search/actions) together, followed by built-in features like Bookmarks, Clipboard, Snippets, and onto simpler features like Calc and Dictionary, and finally third-party integration with 1Password and more minor preferences relating to System commands, Terminal, etc...


Putting 1Password or Calculator above the primary Default Search results wouldn't make sense just for the sake of alphabetisation :) 





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Well, now I feel dumb! I've been what I thought was a power user since version 2, and somehow I missed this for the better part of a decade! 🤨


Always something new to learn, thanks @Vero! I was just telling my barber less than an hour ago about how indispensible a tool Alfred is, gonna get together and show him the ropes of custom workflows for similar volunteer work we do!

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On 2/2/2021 at 6:12 PM, derBingle said:

I've been what I thought was a power user since version 2, and somehow I missed this for the better part of a decade!

The question mark shortcut was only added in Alfred 4. It’s so convenient, it alone would justify the upgrade.

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