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Make Snippets case sensitive

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It'd be really useful if snippets could recognise and maintain the case I use when triggering them.


For example, if I type "lmk" Alfred would automatically expand it to "let me know". But if I type "Lmk" it would expand to "Let me know". Or "lMk" or "lmK" for that matter. At the moment I have to create two versions like so:




Which I guess isn't so hard... but y'know. 


I used to use https://textexpander.com/ which allows for this, but in a fit of consolidation I was hoping to streamline my apps. :) 





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Hi, thanks for asking,


it’s not all that clever to be honest - it’s just as I provided in the examples, the expansion follows the capitalisation the author provides. So:


Lmk becomes “Let me know”, but

lmk becomes “let me know”.


it’s useful of course because you use these phrases in different parts of sentences. You might start off “Lmk what you think...”. Or at the end of a sentence; “... lmk if you agree”.


lMk would become “let Me know” (not as useful but shows the format). 

As i mentioned, Textexpander has this as a specific option when creating expansions so it can’t just be me who finds it useful :) 



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I agree with @timtops that capitalization of snippets is a huge deficiency.


Another simple example:


I have set "thx" to expand to "thanks".


But context matters for capitalization, for example:


"I sent my thanks to John" vs. "Thanks."


I would type the former keyword as "thx" and the latter as "Thx." But currently Alfred only will recognize and expand "thx" and do nothing to "Thx", which requires me to create two different snippets, one capitalized and one not. Should not be needed.


I have also used TextExpander as well as aText and they both handle this.




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Funny, I just did a google search on this topic, found this thread, and had the exact same example (Lmk vs lmk) for "Let me know" vs "let me know"). Also coming from TextExpander and Keyboard Maestro--trying to consolidate macros! This would be an excellent addition to Alfred!

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+1, this makes snippets almost unusable. eg. if I set 'agmt' to expand into 'agreement', then I have to create a 2nd snippet for Agreement? Unfortunately because of this I have half my snippets in Alfred and half in Keyboard Maestro. 😿

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