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Last.fm workflow

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What about last.fm workflow. After typing "lastfm" space "name of artist" you will get the list of suggested artists/albums/songs? Can somebody do it? :)

This is quite simple to do with the Last.fm API. The API provides a list of suggested artists based on an initial artist, or a list of suggested tracks based on a given track.

... Also, I'm finishing up an update to the workflow that dfay linked to that will provide a supplemental Suggested Artist list that basically does what I think you're asking for. If you don't want the playlist generation function of that workflow, I could easily tweak it to just offer the Suggested Artist list alone.

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I took a crack at this and made an initial version to play around with: Direct download.


  • "LS" triggers the workflow.
  • As you type an artist name, the workflow searches Last.fm for your query and provides a list of possible matches.
  • Selecting an artist form the list provides a new list of Last.fm's Similar Artists for the previously chosen one.
  • Selecting an artist from the new list takes you to their Last.fm page.


I'll probably add an option to filter out any artists that are already in the local iTunes Library, if folks think that would be useful. Any other ideas?

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Just a quick heads-up: there is another last.fm workflow by Filipe Barros (with minor contributions by yours truly) over here. It lacks the smooth drill-down interface (I really like that) and requires a last.fm account, but offers a much more extensive selection of last.fm queries (track and album info, loved and banned tracks, love, ban, tag and untag currently playing track etc.).

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