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Alfred 4.5 Beta: Take a first look at Universal Actions

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On 8/17/2021 at 12:44 PM, Jan Peeters said:

I think Universal Actions are great, I've long hoped to be able to process text though Alfred like this. So thanks or this!


One thing would make using them easier for me is if Alfred would get a 'Instant Send' functionality (à la Launchbar) by long pressing your default shortcut for activating Alfred. A short press would just open Alfred, a long press would send the current selection to Alfred. That way you don't have yet another key combo.


So in my case I use control-tab to activate Alfred. Pressing control-tab and keeping the tab pressed for (let's say) a second would load the selection in Alfred for use with Universal Actions.

The addition of Universal Actions finally let me switch me back to Alfred. Instant Send was the one feature that made me stay with Launchbar. The only thing I miss now is the long press like Jan mentioned. It's incredibly convenient and saves you from having to do any context switching. Currently I have to think about which shortcut to press based on the action I want to take which is not something I want to think about.

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Hi all, suddenly Alfred not works properly anymore in searching items (folders and files). Seems an issue related to Spotlight. I've just cleared the application cache, rebuild macOS Metadata with no success. Here's the diagnostic. Any hints please ? Thanks Starting Diagnostics

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