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Packal is down

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Welcome @LSDog,


Packal’s development ceased years ago and has been officially recommended against for just as long (and for that reason). Note that website was always a third-party resource. The official venue to share Workflows is these forums.

Alfred itself is alive and well and under active development. Similarly, new Workflows are created and released all the time. Further yet, there are plenty of other third-party venues to share Workflows, such as Alfred’s subreddit and Pacmax. If you need any of Packal’s Workflows, they should still be accessible from the GitHub repo it used. Though I’ll reinforce these forums are the official place to share Workflows.

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@LSDog We're indeed aware that Packal is now offline. It was a site created and maintained by a lovely community member many years ago, but was not directly affiliated with us.


We'll be updating areas of our website that still refer to Packal, and providing links to both our own and community-created workflows very soon :) In the meantime, as @vitor suggests, this forum is your best starting point if you're looking for any particular workflows or need help creating your own!



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