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If Contact has many fields, Alfred won't show everything, can't scroll to see more either


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Here is my contact in Alfred contact view. Search contact action.




Here is same contact in Contacts app:







If you notice the field note is not shown at all in the Alfred view. Even if you try to scroll the Alfred view, there is no way for it to show. If you start typing `note`, it won't show either.


I think it's some bug that was introduced as before it worked. Alfred version is 4.6.4. macOS version is 12.3


I hope you can replicate it as it's a feature I used a lot. Thank you.


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@nikivi I've never seen so many links stored in a single contact card, so it's a pretty unusual scenario. You can use Cmd + O to open your contact card in the Contacts app and browse it from there. 


Or you could save your URLs as a snippet collection so that you can get even quicker access to them if that's what you're looking for.


[Moving to Investigating.]



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