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Markdown limitation in the user configuration panel

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Hello, I remarked that there is some limitations for the markdown syntax in this user panel README section.


Example 1: closing parenthesis next to a markdown link in the user panel README is not displayed.




Example 2: Fenced Code Blocks and Syntax Highlighting are not available :




Other examples:

  1. There is no Blockquotes (>) or nested quotes (>>).
  2. There is no horizontal rules with asterisks (***), dashes (---), or underscores (___).
  3. There is no tables
  4. etc.


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56 minutes ago, BenjaminO said:

There is no horizontal rules with asterisks (***), dashes (---), or underscores (___).

I don't know what version of Alfred you're using but the 5.1 pre-release overcame an Apple bug and certainly three hyphens (dashes) now works. I do miss fence code blocks, though.



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9 hours ago, vitor said:

it’s not aiming to support everything


That being said, I think some improvements would still be nice.

- [Like having *renditions* in links](https://italics.ignor.ed)

- Supporting footnotes[^1]. ... [^1]: Or at least to make sure this syntax doesn't produce unexpected results.

- Some way to make ==highlights==

- Or better yet, to support Admonition Panels to draw special attention to something in the documentation:


> **Note**
> This is a note


> **Warning**
> This is a warning




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