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download message wording is misleading


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  • What you were doing when the issue happened
    • In Alfred Preferences, clicked on [Download update]
  • Whether you were able to replicate it a second time by performing the same action (Update any third-party apps and restart your Mac if relevant)
    • Yes, as well as on another computer.
  • Include any screenshots that might help us
    • image.thumb.png.ff2285261c70cd5f9caabc5d2298d78b.png
  • Include the Alfred version & build number you are using
    • Currently running Alfred 5.0.6
  • Include your macOS version
    • MacOSX 12.6.5
  • Include the version number of any third-party apps relevant to your issue


The failure message says "Unable to download update data, please check internet connection".

Actually, the internet is fine but the file https://cachefly.alfredapp.com/Alfred_5.1_2134.dmg is missing on the server.


Not sure how much work this is worth, but perhaps just checking another URL to distinguish between "no internet" and "no file" would be simple.


Thanks for making a product so useful and reliable that I always click on the update button.


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@solak The download link is working fine as far as I can see, and has been since the 5.1 release. It's possible that your connection is restricting access to the Cachefly CDN or that you've hit a node that is temporarily not working properly.


Here's an alternative download from Dropbox to get you up and running :)





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Thanks for the alternate link.

Thanks for the networking information. I am investigating my configuration and that further here. Unfortunately, the reproducer I described above now fails to fail, so I have to blame my ISP or other temporary network outage.

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It may have seemed that I posted the same bug twice yesterday, but actually I was distinguishing "file missing" (which may be trivial to repair or explain) in the other report from "error text wording" (which may require consideration, coding, review, and updating the software kit) in this one.

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