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can't find "getting started"

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In the user manual, I read the following, but can't find it. I go to alfred pref → click on workflows, and then what ?


thanks in advance for your time and help


Creating a workflow

To get started with these guides, open Alfred's preferences to the Workflows preferences.

With no workflow selected in the sidebar, you'll see a block of options in the centre of the canvas; Choose the "Getting Started Guide".


Getting Started: Keyword to Web Search - Alfred Help and Support



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thank you @vitor. It's clear now. I would consider this to be a very irritating bug. I spent more than an hour on this today looking for it, and I am exasperated. I am probably not the only one trying to get through the user manual and hitting a stumbling block on the first page. Thanks very much for your patience and help.


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A bug is unintended behaviour but this is working as expected. I’m not aware of any other cases of users bumping into this (I personally link people to that page on occasion) but if it turns out to be common we’d definitely consider alternative approaches.

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Adding to this, deselecting a workflow in the workflow list uses the standard macOS selection paradigm of ⌘clicking the item.


You could alternatively click some of the empty purple space below the workflows in the workflow table (if you don't have many workflows installed)

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