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Workflow run error

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Whenever try to run a workflow, I get an error message.
Unable to run task!
Reason: launch path not accessible
Check that the selected language exists on your system.
If you're syncing Alfred's preferences, also check that all related workflow files exist locally.
Related Workflow Info...
Name: 'Calculate Anything'
Folder:/Users/macbook/Library/CloudStorage/Dropbox/Alfred Preferences/
I get a similar message for most workflows I try to run.
I have the preferences folder set to DropBox and it is set the work offline.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Welcome to the forum.


If you downloaded the workflow from the Alfred gallery when you first ran it you should have been prompted to install any dependency that was not already on your system. Did that happen?


36 minutes ago, phase44 said:

get a similar message for most workflows I try to run.

Do all the messages relate to php?


When replying please confirm your macOS and Alfred version numbers.



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Hi thanks for your response.


I'm using Alfred 5.1.2. 

macOS Ventura 13.5.2


I downloaded most apps from the Alfred Gallery and no, I wasn't prompted to download any dependencies.


For example, I downloaded Calculate Anything - v4.0.2 from the Alfred Gallery and when I run it, it gives me the error message.

I also downloaded thesaurus.com - v1.0.0 (I think this was from Github though). It open but when I search for a word, nothing happens.

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