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Command Q in a Workflow Not Working

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I have Alfred 4 on a macOS High Sierra system. For some reason it doesn't allow me to use Hyper Key + Q ( ⌘⇧⌥^ + Q ) to trigger any workflow. I thought Bettertouch Tool (BTT) was blocking me from using Q with the hyper key, so I uninstalled BTT completely but still the problem persists. Does anyone have a way for me to discover the problem?

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Alfred does prevent ⌘Q from being used as a hotkey (for obvious reasons), however, there is no prohibition of ⇧⌃⌥⌘Q.


I can see when this combo event is pressed, the macOS key event isn't even making it into Alfred's Preferences. I can see other combinations of modifier and Q work fine, so there must be something special (reserved?) about ⇧⌃⌥⌘Q.

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Must be but I can't figure out for what exactly. Do you have any recommendations? I've checked and I only have Bunch and Alfred on that machine now. I am using an automation with Bunch that uses ⇧⌃⌥⌘ + T, but not Q.

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I think Andrew was indicating that the relevant key combination was in some way reserved by macOS because, as he said:

On 2/8/2024 at 9:46 AM, Andrew said:

the macOS key event isn't even making it into Alfred's Preferences.

That doesn't mean that some other app is using that key combination but simply that, in some way, it's not an allowed combination under macOS itself.



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