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Record some actions to automate

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I’m new at Alfred and wondering if it can help me with the below.


I’m looking for a solution that can perform some steps I should normally do manually, but want them put in a short of workflow and that by pressing a shortcut the workflow is triggered.


the actions talking about are accessing a menu, navigating to a sub menu and selecting an option. 

in reality it will create and copy a link to a document I’m working on, so I cannuse that link elsewhere.


hope someone can confirm this can be addressed with Alfred.

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@RemcoV Could you share more details of which apps you're looking to create documents / links, and which options you want to choose? There may be better ways, such as AppleScript or using an API, instead of recording clicks, as this can be unreliable as apps and menus change over time.

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You may also be able to use Alfred's Universal Action if all you need to do is to highlight a file in Finder and then to create some sort of link (a markdown link, for example) to it.


But as Vero said we're likely to be able to help much more if you step back from what you think you need to do and explain more fully exactly what it is you want to achieve. In other words, where would you expect to find the document to which you wish to link and what sort of link do you want to create?



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The app, in this case, is Craft, and I want to have a link to a note created. So, there is no real file in the Finder, but I want to follow the menu structure of the APP to get an app-specific link to the note, which I can post in the app I used for journaling. Then, if I need to access that particular note, it will open Craft and then open the intended note.


Does that make sense?

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Thanks: it does make a lot more sense now. However:

  • I don't use Craft so am at a slight disadvantage.
  • The Craft app does apparently have an API but it does look rather complicated to a mere mortal like me—and the Craft URL scheme while much simpler doesn't seem to be able to do what you want. 😀

However, that said, do not despair: there will probably be someone here who can help and will come along soon. Sorry this response is not more constructive but it may be that pointing others to the API will be of some little help.



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