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hotkeys to start a Workflow is way slower than the hotkey to show Alfred

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am i missing something?


basically i find using hotkeys for Workflows unusable, because by the time Alfred shows up most of what i've typed is gone and hasn't been caught by Alfred's input. i would expect Alfred to shows up immediately, and to catch my input if necessary for filtering the Results of a Workflow.


is there something i'm doing wrong here? thanks.

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The delay is by design:



To ensure that hotkeys always work smoothly on your Mac, Alfred waits a few milliseconds before letting the modifier keys (alt, cmd, ctrl) go before performing the action associated to your hotkey combination.


But you can tell Alfred to ignore that behaviour and trigger faster:



If you want to speed this up, you can change the trigger behaviour to pass the modifier keys through and give you faster hotkeys. Click the green icon to the right of the hotkey field to change this.


See the image in the linked documentation, which makes where to find the setting clearer.

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