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Maestro: Control your current iTunes playlist

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Tell iTunes to play a specific song in your current playlist




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Whats the difference between Maestro and the iTunes Mini Player?


Well, there is one thing the standard Alfred Mini Player is lacking... search in playlist. It happens (at least to me) very often that i want to hear a specific song in my playlist but don't want to stop listening to the playlist itself.




  • Source code available at Maestro@Github
  • Powered by alfred.py
  • Alleyoop-support
  • This workflow creates a folder ".maestro-cache" at your home directory which stores all album art of your current playlist. It will cache only once for performance reasons if you want to recache your artworks simply use the command "maestro recache"
  • Download it here: Maestro.alfredworkflow





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  • 3 months later...

added some stuff since the initial release:

  • support for albums
  • some new commands like: next, previous or pause
  • added support for romkan[1]

[1] I love japanese music so i have many songs with titles written in hiragana, katakana or kanji. To search terms in "romaji" (which is our roman alphabet) i've used a library called romkan.






Kanji won't work because romkan doesn't support it. Seems there is no solution for this problem atm :(.

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  • 10 months later...

The workflow is kind of slow and uses a lot of CPU. Is there any way to improve it? It actually crashed my Mac the first time I tried using it, and the second time, my CPU usage shot through to 2,000% (not a typo) for a few seconds, then went down to 125% for a few more.


However, it stabilized after a while, and it's a really good workflow for me now. I'm surprised Alfred doesn't support this built-in, like Quicksilver does.

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