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Hi everyone!


I made this extremely simple workflow which just tells the specified application to quit and then start again - effectively relaunching it!


(I had recently faced this situation a lot of times with Java and AIR installs and what not! So I decided to keyboard-ify it with Alfred workflows.)


You can download it from the following GitHub link: Start download of RelaunchApp-v1.0.alfredworkflow


Hope you like it and feedback is always welcome.







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What a nice idea.

One suggestion. You could repurpose this workflow to, instead of having to type the app name, get a list of the running ones directly in Alfred, and just pick one to relaunch.

If you like the idea and need any help implementing it, I’d be more than willing to — it should be fairly straightforward.

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Hey thanks Vitor!


Both for appreciating the idea and the link :)

I totally agree that I should have made it such that one can see the running apps within Alfred (like how it works with "quit") but the thing is that - I had just bought the powerpack that day and just made the above workflow within an hour and posted it - in hindsight i would say i was a bit too hasty :P


Later, I also found this: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/1898-restart-applications-with-force-if-necessary/

which is really cool - and much better than mine.


I am working on a python script filter now to filter out the running apps with PyObjC (oh! what a nightmare of a documentation that is) because I am most comfortable working with Python. The only problem right now is that the "action" part of the workflow does not seem to detect the "action"-ed input :(


will put up a version 1.1 as soon as I get done with this - and of course your link is going to give me clues




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I think I got it now - I had no idea about the "arg" attribute of the "<item>" tag!!!

It works now! I just have to try it out for a few days (won't be hasty this time) and smoothen out the rough edges a bit before I post the next version.


this is cool - my first workflow (well - almost)

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