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[Feature Request] Grouping Workflows

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That's something I felt the need for with v1 already, now that what used to be Hotkeys in v1 also are Workflows, I'd appreciate an option to group Workflows in folders even more.


In v1, I currently have 41 extensions installed and 18 hotkeys configured, which would sum up to 59 items in the Workflow sidebar in v2. That's quite a list to scroll.


Apart from having these sorted alphabetically, I'd love to be able to put them into groups/folders, e.g. one for extensions covering aspects of my private life, one for professional tasks, a group for my own extensions, another for extensions I have under development, or even extensions that are specific to clients of mine (e.g. extension triggering client-specific build-/deployment tasks).

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David's suggestion sounds reasonable for Hotkeys and for now (in fact I quite like the idea of having one workflow for say System Commands Hotkeys, One for Application Hotkeys, etc.), but wouldn't solve my sidebar overload when it comes to extensions at all.


Due to the larger item size in the Workflows sidebar (which I like per se, I'd just love to have the option to organize them :) ) Alfred v2 now shows 16 extensions at once in the sidebar, Alfred v1 showed more up to 23 (depending how they spread over categories), so in fact I find the matter even more pressing with v2 than with v1.


Grouping items in a sidebar is a common OS X UI paradigm, and I'd still love to see it in Alfred to organize my extensions by whatever categories I want. I'd be totally happy if I had the option to create a collapsible folder or group (just like the extension categories Shellscripts, Applescripts, etc in v1 were) that can be named and drag-sorted, and then drop extensions in them.

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+1 for me too. I requested this back in v1 and it was under consideration for future versions if I recall correctly. Those of us who are OCD really enjoy the control Alfred gives us, let us organize our extensions too… All in all beta is great and stable. *putting both hands up to receive two votes*


Allowing users to categorize workflows by folders that can be collapsed if needed or left expanded would greatly enhance the workflow experience but I think user-defined grouping would be optimal as everyone can organize workflows on whatever basis they want.

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