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Github Workflow (Yeah another one, but with more security)

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I didn't see that token option. I'll add that option to the documentation for the next version.


I looked into the OAuth option but the flow for a beginner user to set it up isn't very simple, and can be long. I have a few more idea to try to improve the login process to make it more secure.


Thanks again for the token link

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Shit. I was testing out a starring feature on my local workflow inside of test and must of got pushed when I did a bug fix.  I'll re-export my workflow when I get home later tonight. Thanks for the catch, will include a remove all for those who already ran the test. Apologies to anyone who this affected. Look for version bump soon with fix. Thanks @tsigo for reporting this.

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Is there a way to hide what I am typing in Alfred?

Unlikely, since Alfred is not really geared towards typing passwords in the input. For this workflow, you should really only need to set it once (even if you use it across multiple Macs), though.

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