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This is a workflow to support killing a process (as opposed to quitting an app). It uses the new infrastructure to list the processes that match a given name, e.g., 'kill java' will list all of the processes that include 'java' in their names. Holding down 'alt' will do a 'kill -9' instead of a regular kill.



Script url for download - http://tedwi.se/u/cx
This is my first workflow in the v2 beta so I'm looking for input as well.
Ted Wise
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It's Unix.


- kill asks an app to terminate. An app is free to ignore the request and/or be hung up so badly it can't quit.

- kill -9 forces an app to terminate, works on hung apps. A forced termination will skip any pending disk writes, etc., that an app might do if quit "nicely"

- kill -HUP sends the "hang-up" signal to tell an app to restart. Some apps watch for this and reload their configuration, e.g., the Apache server.




Could you elaborate on the differences between "kill -9", "kill -HUP" and "kill". 



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