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Sorry still doesn't work. It lists all my VMs and their status but when you highlight one and press enter, nothing happens. 


*EDIT* sorry ignore me my bad. Tried it again and it does work OK. Although if you use the quick selection i.e. cmd-2 to select VM 2 in the list, nothing happens. You have to highlight the VM and press TAB for it to list the various options available.


Hope that makes sense. 

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gr4z, can you explain this a bit more?

If the VM is running, Parallels is running. When do you close it?

Maybe provide a screencast?

I have changed the AppleScript in the last version, so it only activates Parallels when the command was either "start" or "resume"...





*EDIT*: I've just updated the workflow, could you try again please?

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Thanks for trying. This is a great workflow.


I have tried it again and it still does it. Let me try and explain:


1) Parallels is NOT running

2) Use the workflow to resume a suspended VM

3) Parallels starts and the VM resumes

4) Use the workflow to suspend the VM

5) The VM is suspended and is removed from the Dock

6) The Parallels application reappears in the dock


Can you make it if there are no other VMs running when you suspend or shutdown a VM the Parallels application is permanetly closed?



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Now I got it!

Parallels doesn't close automatically if no machines are running anymore, but VirtualBox does.

So, this was just normal behavior.


Anyway, I've found a way to achieve this and updated the workflow once more!  :)

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Hi gr4z,

I believe the shutdown behavior and the startup view are things you can configure here:




I might remove the 'close Parallels if no other machine is running' feature, because this can also be done by configuring the VMs.


Hope this helps!




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