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Passing a string to NotificationCenter with Run NSApplescript

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I was encountered a strange problem with my workflow.

I want to use Run NSApplescript to pass a string to NotificationCenter.

So I wrote in Run NSApplescript as follows.


set q "foo"

return q


And in Post Notification,


Text: {query}.


But the text field in NotificationCenter is empty.


I also tested the case passing a number.


ser q 0

return q


Then NotificationCenter correctly showed 0 in the text field.


What is wrong with the former case?

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In that case the notification panel appears and the variable query in Post Notification is empty.

But I don't know the script is working correctly because coding error doesn't prevent appearing a notification panel.

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  • 3 months later...

Run Script worked but Run NSAppleScript didn't.



I'm running the test workflow and I get the same issue.


NSApplescript doesn't seem to send anything to the Notification.


For the NSAppleScript, the code should be the following...

on alfred_script(q)
  set temp to "sample"
  return temp
end alfred_script
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