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Searching for OpenMeta Tags

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Hi All,



I created a quick and easy workflow for searching for OpenMeta tags in Alfred 2.

I used the icon from CASEapps Tags for the workflow. I’m not sure whether or not this is OK, but I thought I could still share the workflow here while we’re in beta and worry about icons at a later point (obviously, I’m not an icon designer myself and I couldn’t find a generic icon for the  OpenMeta project).


Here it is (zipped archive).




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Instead of using the Tags icon. Here are a couple options.


1) Tag icons by Jono, preview below and grab zip of both here if you like: http://www.iconaholic.com./downloads.html#tagging

    I also uploaded here so it might be easier: http://d.pr/f/JI1U



2) Openmeta logos hosted on the google openmeta repository. Made by indev.ca which are here: http://openmeta.googlecode.com/files/OpenMetaLogos.zip or http://d.pr/f/y57m



I definitely prefer option 1 but both are better than the tags icon imo. I have been using the Jono tag icons since my scope filter for Alfred v1 and it looks nice.

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I love Jono Hunt's icons too, but I couldn't see anywhere that they were free of right. I therefore used the OpenMeta icons you linked to instead.

Thanks a million for providing that link.

I replaced the version on my server with the one with updated graphics on the same link.



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No problem, glad I could help. I didn’t read the disclaimer on the Jono Icons. Really not free for personal use and projects involving no profit? I do realize there are tons of licenses that I don't pay too much attention to if the person posts links to download on their site. Good looking out to be safe though. Personally, I am sticking with the Jono.

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The Web site has a clear "All rights reserved" on the bottom of the page and a reference to "released on request" on the download page.

I'll try to contact the author though, but I'm trying to do the right thing and not use things I'm not allowed to, even for non-profit, etc.



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