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So, I opened up a GH repo in order to act as a community-editable wiki for documentation to supplement the official Alfred documentation that Andrew and Vero are writing up.


If you'd like to contribute (and please do), the repo is here: https://github.com/shawnrice/alfred-documentation, and the wiki is here: 


Right now it's somewhat empty because I just started it last night. It should be publicly editable, so go for it.

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The link to the wiki in the OP is broken.


Seems to be a fairly common occurrence on the board. Some weird IP.Board bug, I guess.


I've just corrected it - all I did was cut Shawn's paragraph and re-paste as plain text, so I wonder if there was some formatting in the original text... Either way, works now (and I'll keep an eye on anything that needs reporting to IPBoard. Send me a link directly if you see any more issues like this in the future)

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