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Split Level Subfolder Search

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I have my jobs seperated into a folder structure which remains reasonably constant and I'm always up for ways to find contents quicker.




->2012 job1



-->Health Safety


->2013 job5






I use spotlight/alfred to seach for "2012 job x" and then either show in finder or navigate in alfred, normally only to find a subfolder.


Could you please consider adding a way of doing a split level folder search so I could find "Docs" within "2012 job x"


Search "2012 job1/docs" shows Docs in 2012 job1

Search "2012/docs" shows a list of Docs subfolders in folders that start "2012...."


Maybe this needs an asterisk before the / but i'd rather it didn't.


Hope this makes sense!





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Thanks for the suggestion Tyler, can't see it producing the results I'm after though. As David says, it would mean a filter for each job folder I think. I have 30 different clients and between 5 and 100 jobs in each, each containing 5-6 folders and various files.


I think it would be really good as a system wide search to be able to use parent/subfolder patterns to find matches where a subfolders sits in a certain parent. Great for narrowing down results on the fly.

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I have an idea of how to accomplish this... let me poke around at it a bit, hopefully tonight, and I'll try to post something back. If you don't hear back from me in the next day or so, bump this thread again. I've been extremely busy and an liable to get busy and forget


Cool, I'll look forward to it.

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