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Tweetbot workflow

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I quickly put together a workflow for controlling Tweetbot which I wanted to share  :)


The workflow uses the Tweetbot URL scheme.


Currently, the following commands are supported. Parameters in brackets are optional and parameters in square brackets are required. When an account name can be specified and none is specified, the current account will be used.

  • t (message) Posts a new tweet.
  • tt (account name) Shows the timeline of specified account.
  • tu [screen name] Shows the user profile of the user with the specified screen name.
  • tmm (account name) Shows the mentions for the specified account. (Note: This command is ‘tmm’ because by default OS X will replace ‘tm’ with ™)
  • tr (account name) Shows the retweets which appears in the accounts timeline.
  • tdm (account name) Shows the direct messages that the account has received.
  • tl (account name) Shows the lists that the account owns.
  • tf (account name) Shows the tweets the account has marked as favorited.
  • ts (account name) Searches using the specified account. (Note: Sadly this doesn’t seem to work with the ‘query’ parameter on OS X)
  • tfo [screen name] Follows the user with the specified screen name.
  • tun [screen name] Unfollows the user with the specified screen name.

You can download it by following this link or grab the source code at GitHub.



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Now this seems great, as Tweetbot is my Twitter client of choice. Will be sure to check it out tomorrow (it's nearly midnight here, I'm typing this in bed) and let you know how I find it.

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Hi Guys Once there are installed How can we check for updates and install updates for the great workflows

I'll update this thread and the GitHub repository when new versions are available.

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This seem like an incredibly useful workflow but unfortunately I can not get it to work (I am using Alfred 2.8 on El Capitan). Any chance for an update?

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