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Alfredwl: Alfred Integration with Wunderlist

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Hi everyone, I created a simple workflow to interact with Wunderlist. It allows you to add tasks, show your lists, and show incomplete tasks through Alfred.


It has just a couple keyword commands: "wladd" and "wlshow".


For more info and to get the workflow, check it out on Packal or Github.


Let me know what you guys think!


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Hey David, ah sorry maybe I should've made the instructions more clear on the forum. To set up the workflow, check out the instructions on the Github page.
Alternatively, I'm pasting them here as well (although Github will stay most up-to-date):


In the Github repo you'll find a file called alfredwl.alfredworkflow. Download that and double-click. If you have Alfred 2 it should automatically open and import the workflow.
You must set up this workflow before it can access your account. Setup involves two steps: 1. Getting a Client ID and Access Token from Wunderlist 2. Inputting the Client ID and Access Token to Alfred
Just follow the two steps below to set up the workflow!
Step 1: Get a Client ID and Access Token
  1. Go to https://developer.wunderlist.com/apps
  2. Click the Create App button
  3. Give the app a name and description, and input some url for the app url and callback url. It doesn't really matter what's input here, but here's an example:
  4. Click save for your app. Once your app is created you'll see details for your app in a greyed-out section on https://developer.wunderlist.com/apps. Copy down the Client ID shown.
  5. Click Create Access Token. Copy down the Access Token that is displayed.
Step 2: Input the Client ID and Access Token to Alfred
  1. With the alfredwl workflow installed, start Alfred and type wlsetup followed by a space. Then paste in your Client ID and Access Token, separated by the characters ">>".
    • For example, if your Client ID is "abcdef" and your Access Token is "ghijk", the full command to Alfred would be wlsetup abcdef>>ghijk
  2. Press enter to input your credentials. Off you go!
Actions are initiated by keywords in Alfred. Start Alfred and type any of the following to access the workflow
  • wladd: Add a task to your Wunderlist. You can specify which list to add the task by typing "wladd
  1. >>[task name]". If no list name is specified, the task gets added to your Inbox.
  2. wlshow: Show your lists. From there you can select a list to see its incomplete tasks. You can also type "wlshow
    1. " to directly see the incomplete tasks in that list. When viewing a list's tasks, you can select a task to mark it as complete.
    2. wlsetup: Set up the workflow

    wladd.jpg wladd-2.jpgwlshow.jpg wlshow-demo-list.jpg


  • It'd be great to be able to mark a task as complete when you select it through wlshow, however I can't seem to get the API to work with PATCH in Python's Requests module. If anyone has any idea how to make this work let me know!
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Hi Aysun, that functionality isn't available yet--all task creations go to the inbox, and you can move from there. But thanks for the request! That's something I've been meaning to implement. I'm planning on updating the workflow with some performance adjustments and additional functionality (including this one) in the next week or two. I'll let you know when it comes!

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Just updated the workflow to 1.2. Improvements include:

  • New features:
    • added ability to mark tasks as completed through wlshow
    • added ability to specify which list to add a task to in wladd
  • Security improvements:
    • Moved storage of credentials to the Keychain. Also, this means that from now on you'll no longer have to go through setup when updating the workflow!
Aysun--hopefully you find the added functionality useful.
@xilopaint--I tried improving the performance but as far as I can tell the slowness is due to waiting for responses from Wunderlist's API. I'll think more on this one.
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Very nice improvements.


I think it would be nice if wlshow could display the same icons of Wunderlist UI for folders and lists instead the app icon for all results.


In my case I use the new feature that allows the user to set emojis as lists icons so it would be great if those emojis could replace the app icon on the workflow as with the app. I think the workflow appearance would look nicer and cleaner on this way.

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