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automatic typing of username and password

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I am trying to design a workflow that will open a web page and then automatically fill in the username and password and then activate the login button. I don't use 1password. I have the workflow opening the web page but I'd like to take it further. Can Alfred's workflows do this kind of thing?


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They can, yes, but it isn’t pretty, and I’ll greatly advise against it. If you’re trying to build a general solution like 1Password, you’re entering a world of pain. If, however, you’re trying to make it work for a single website, then you’ll likely also be entering a world of pain, but you might actually survive and not want to rip your eyeballs out.

Having said that, take a look at my BugNot workflow for a starting point. You can see after you pick a login, it’ll fill out the details. However, to do so the user already needs to have selected the username field, because what it does is basically fill out one detail, press , and fill out the other. It is actually emulating key presses, because it is the only reasonable solution for that use case.

For your case, we’ll need to know the website in question to be able to help you at all. You likely won’t be able to do it with AppleScript (which is what BugNot uses for that effect), but will most likely need to tell your browser what JavaScript to run to achieve your effect. That being the case, you don’t need to build a workflow from scratch; AlfredBookmarklet is exists exactly for the use case of running JavaScript in the browser from Alfred, which is likely what you’ll end up to have to do.

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Thanks vitor for the response.


Actually, I'm not trying to build a solution to 1P. And in reality I'm just trying to gain a shortcut into entering my own website for designing my website. I'm the administrator of the site but I have the settings set so that I need to enter in my username and password in order to get into the site. It's strictly a "how can I get the infomation into those fields without typing it in all the time" issue. (it's the only site that I may visit several times a day or week). 


So, my site is at abjoyce.us (no password or username for it - that info is strictly for the development of the site). But, if I need to login to something else just to keep from entering in the login at my own site, then it doesn't make too much sense for me to do that. 


I did take a look at the Bugnot workflow, but I'm afraid it's something beyond my comprehension. Maybe I should just use a small code with TextExpander to fill in what I need to do. That would save "a little" typing.


Thanks for your advice. I do appreciate it. But, I think the JavaScript writing is a little more than my abilities. Thanks anyway.


BTW - Loved the "Having said that" clip!

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