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Remote and Direct connection possible

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I'm just trialling Alfred at the moment, with the view to purchasing the Powerpack to allow me to build custom home automation controls.


On my internal network (HOME) I can get the Remote IOS to connect to the Mac and control everything, which is fine.


If I disconnect my iPhone from the Wifi network I can register using a static hostname (via http://www.noip.com),  (EXTERNAL)  after allowing port forwarding on my router and setting rules via Little Snitch, which again is fine.


However, if I then turn my wifi on my iPhone back on and try to connect to HOME network I can no longer connect to the Mac.


I have to delete the connection on both Mac and iPhone and reconnect to HOME, adding new passphrase.


My question really is do you support multiple connections from a single iPhone from HOME and EXTERNAL connections?


This is really the point of what I am trying to achieve with Alfred. I need to be able to control my Mac and connected devices/services when at HOME and then when I leave, still be able to connect directly from any EXTERNAL network, without having to do any further configuration.





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I do intend to add something similar to this, and there is already a ticket in my tracker... there is currently things with higher priority so I can't yet give a time scale though.




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I define my direct connections to my Mac's in Alfred Remote via my Public IP and then access my Macs over the public IP whether I am local or remote.  The router just hairpins the connection and it works fine even if you are on the same submit and use the Public IP.  

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