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"Move to parent folder" action.


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I am using two macs and access my second mac via via Synergy.


When in Finder, I am feed up of not being able to use Alfred to move the contents of the folder I am in to its parent folder.  

I have to select all of the contents, then drag and drop everything to the parent folder... 


What a waste of time when you could have an action actionnable via a keyboard shortcut that could do it for you in a flesh  :)


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You are right I was looking for a File action and should have better specify it.


I actually use two File actions (Alfred's one and this one) but I need to specify the folder I want to move my file to every time.


Rather than a "Move to folder..." File action I would like to have a "Move to parent folder..." File action. 


Made a request to raguay.customct here.

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