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Alfred to Ulysses workflow

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Currently there are workflows that append text from Alfred to Evernote (using Applescript) AND from Alfred to plain text files (using Bash). I'm really interested in doing the same sort of thing with Ulysses III.


I'd like to be able to type a string of text in Alfred, hit enter, and have that text append to a specific sheet within Ulysses.


Any developers interested in taking this on? I'm certainly willing to pay for your time. I'm also looking for any thoughts on how I could attempt to accomplish this.

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I just tested it out and it works in a way...somehow Alfred cannot look into the ulysses files and therefore not find keywords with the 

filefilter. Therefore you can only find files like "a8f066c020c94be1becc9710a92ba214.ulysses" -.- no clue what they've changed :/


To get the filefilter work you have to add "Library/Containers" under Search Scope.

This doesn't help much yet, but you know what's wrong and maybe the developers know any more.



What you can do however is to add a external folder in Ulysses and add this folder to the search scope of the Filefilter.

Then create a new sheet via ulysses in this folder and drag this File(extension should be .md) into the "File types"

of the Filefilter like this:




Then you can search for the different Sheets :)


Edit2: Just checked again lol this is not what you're looking for. However maybe this helps someone else or you too with another problem^^


In addition to that i tested the x-callback and its only for iOS it seems. Hopefully yeah they add Applescript support and/or URL Handler like Fantastical did.

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x-callback is working on the Mac now as of a version or 2 ago of Ulysses....it's easy enough to create a new sheet but the ids that are used still need to be gathered manually (by option-right clicking on the sheet).  Based on the code in the ulysses search workflow, I've been poking around in the Ulysses library structure, and it seems that the ids are not contained there.  That is, when I know an id, I can search every file in the library without finding that id anywhere there.  


I've got a workflow working which requires the user to set an "active sheet" & then allows appending text to the active sheet (as well as creating new sheets, which is easy), but the goal of searching sheets and then appending to the selected sheet from the results seems impossible without a way to find the id programatically.


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Here you go -- rough draft at this point:


https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6601556/Alfred/Ulysses Sheet Actions.alfredworkflow


There are three commands:

un - create a new sheet in Ulysses

ua - set the active sheet to an existing sheet (requires manual entry of the sheet id for reasons discussed above)

up - append to the active sheet (may not work consistently for reasons unclear)


and a File Action

Add to Ulysses (active for plain text and Markdown files by default) - create a new sheet with the contents of the selected file


The latter could easily be extended to other file types with some pandoc magic.


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