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Search Ulysses III from Alfred

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I made a workflow to search the Ulysses database for the new Ulysses III. This feature is missing from the app itself (for now) so I put together this workflow to get around that. The workflow simply adds search scopes for Ulysses' "sheet" and "group" filetypes. As a bonus, there's also an "Open in Ulysses" File Action included with the workflow. It works on .txt and .rtf documents, which will come into Ulysses parsed as Markdown.


Read more on my site or download Search Ulysses 3.alfredworkflow now.



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Hmm. I just tested this and it's working on my end. Is this still happening?


It is working on my iMac. I will have to see what is going on in my MacBook.


Nice! Although, for some reason, I had to limit the scope to the Ulysses 3 container for it to work. Otherwise, it wasn't finding anything.


I had to do the same and if you have an external source you also have to add it.

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I had to do the same and if you have an external source you also have to add it.


It seems to be because the ~/Library/Containers folder isn't in the default Alfred search scope. I guess you could add the whole Containers folder to the default scope, but that might muddy up all searches too much.

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I'm having no search results from this workflow, Id love to be! alfred could just be quicker than that missing search function in U3 anyhow!

The experienced guys are getting results from search scope stuff,

could this be my hassle? Could you help me through this?

thanks in advance..


Scratch the call for help, I got there, if slowly. THANKS!

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