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Lazy Link - Copy and paste titled link from foremost web browser

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Problem and Solution

I'm heavy user of Evernote. During internet surfing, I collect enormous amount of links. But copy and paste process consumes too much time and keyboard labor. I just needed titled link in plain format from web browser. I used many clipboard managers such as Clipmate(for windows), Copied, Paste and so on for that reason. Finally, I met Alfred and made this workflow. Problem solved.


Lazy Link replaces following process into one hotkey(Ctrl + Option + Command + v).

  1. Copy the title of web page on the web browser
  2. Paste it as plain text on your rich text editor (eg. Evernote)
  3. Copy the link of web page
  4. Select title text on the text editor and add link
Please, don't waste your time.
Default Hotkey
  • Ctrl + Option + Command + v: Paste lazy link
  • Shift + Ctrl + Option + Command + v: Paste lazy link starting with "via: "


In rich text editor, it pastes plain HTML link. If you use plain text editor it pastes the link in Markdown format.



Lazy Link currently supports Safari and Chrome web browser.




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I didn't know the format of the rich text hyperlink before you mention it. I will add it soon. Thank you!

Update: I've updated my workflow to copy a rich text hyperlink also. Thanks.

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1 minute ago, hooligan said:

So far I didn't had any success with it 


Have you set the Hotkeys? Alfred strips them when you install a workflow (for security reasons).

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Yes I did , I use the default suggested keys

so I click on a website link, I see the notification from Alfred, but then nothing happens

can you please write step by stet 

I'm very new  to Alfred :( 

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