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Create a workflow with files embedded in the .workflow

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On alfredapp.com and on packal.com, I found some workflows that have script or other type of files embedded in the .workflow file. For example this one.


Do I need some specific app to create this kind of workflows ? Because I once found some error in the code but couldn't correct it by myself. To have access to the embedded files, I had to "unzip" the workflow file. Then, no way to "rezip" it.


Could anyone point me to some How To here ? Tried to read the Help pages an Alfredapp, without any luck. Maybe I wasn't searching for the proper keywords.



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Once a workflow is installed, if you select it in the list, right click and choose "Open in Finder" then simply put any additional resources here. When you export the workflow, it will automatically be included in the workflow itself.


Likewise, you'll also be able to edit any scripts directly in this workflow folder too.




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info.plist and icon.png need to be in the workflow root directory. Beyond that, it's entirely up to you to do what you feel is best for the workflow and language you're using.


In the case of workflows written in Python, subdirectories are often 3rd-party libraries bundled with the workflow.

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