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  1. Just discoring this Workflow. Thanks a lot for your work, definitely great to be able to use it ! I was previously using KeepingYouAwake which is a fork of the Caffeinated app and was looking for some way to use it with a keyboard shortcut. Your workflow soled it all at once !
  2. Hi, I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but the "ns" command won't work. If I type ns, it shows me the description stating I can search in Notes app. But as soon as I add a letter (for ex : ns b), it switched to default Alfred search. I redownloaded the workflow, no change. Any idea ? EDIT : I changed the "n" to "ns" to trigger the search notes feature. Again, using the workflow "as is" with the n trigger gives me the same result. A quick GIF to show the issue.
  3. Thanks a lot ! Worked perfectly ! One last question, is there any reason why "mailto" followed by the name of a contact won't find my contacts when "@" works ? Looking at the workflow, I thought both would show me the contacts corresponding to my query.
  4. Thanks. Here it is : 14:36:36 update.py:231 DEBUG Retrieving releases list from `https://api.github.com/repos/deanishe/alfred-mailto/releases` ... 14:36:36 update.py:235 INFO Retrieving releases for `deanishe/alfred-mailto` ... 14:36:36 workflow.py:2140 DEBUG Workflow version : 2.1.4 14:36:36 workflow.py:2176 DEBUG Workflow finished in 0.020 seconds. 14:36:36 workflow.py:2176 DEBUG Workflow finished in 0.021 seconds. 14:36:36 background.py:236 DEBUG Task `update-apps` running 14:36:36 background.py:237 DEBUG cmd : [u'/usr/bin/python', u'/Users/EH/Library/Application S
  5. No I uninstalled Airmail 2 a while back already. But all it can see is Mail...
  6. Is there a simple way to update this workflow so it could use Airmail 3 ? The bundle ID hasn't changed ( it.bloop.airmail2 ), but it doesn't seem to see it when trying to change the mail configuration.
  7. Would be great, but not sure the result would be so great if you have too much appointments every day... might be a long and messy list of results. So far I am pleased with the today and tomorrow feature. But if a view of a full week is possible, why not ! By the way, have you been able to get around the "full day" bug ?
  8. Great workflow, thank you very much ! I did a small "tweak" by duplicating the n script filter, changing the keyword to nw and specifying my folder for work related stuff. This way the usual n keyword creates a notes in my Notes folder. The nw creates one in my work folder. By the way, I downloaded it from your bit.ly link here. Is it the latest version ? It is rated as v5, when it is v8 on packal.org, but this one has it last update from 2014.
  9. Excellent workflow, thanks a lot !
  10. Since 4.3.1 (not sure if 4.3.0 has been affected too), Tomorrow shows me tomorrow events AND the day after tomorrow full day events. I guess this has something to do with the fact full day events are scheduled by default in Google to begin at midnight (12:00AM). Not a big issue, but maybe something to consider. Regrads
  11. Hi Jeff, the delete cache command did the trick ! Will keep it in mind. It appears when I was still on v4.1 in fact. I tried to update, but nothing happened. That is when I went to GitHub to download the latest version. Not sure how it could have been able to update "automatically" in fact. What is supposed to happen when typing enter on this update message ? Thanks
  12. Hi, Not sure this is a big issue or maybe I did something wrong. But I am getting a message when I hit Today just on top of my schedule saying "A newer version is available" I was on 4.1, so I hit enter and nothing. Went on GitHub, seen there was a 4.3, updated to it, but still getting the same message. I capture of this message. And my logs just in case : 05:25:03 today.py:290 INFO ______ __ 05:25:03 today.py:291 INFO /_ __/___ ____/ /___ ___ __ 05:25:03 today.py:292 INFO / / / _
  13. Wow, I completely missed it. It is great !We even have the description in there ! I agree that it could use some work (less empty space and more color ? ), but it is definitely impressive already. I can't thank you enough for your workflow !
  14. Hi, So here is the settings.json when I have 3.9.9 running : { "__workflow_last_version": "3.9.9", "calendar:9c5fm2sp93jh69uglm3tqevn0s@group.calendar.google.com": { "value": "1" }, "calendar:rrnb0pc7e8ans3qva0ql55d188@group.calendar.google.com": { "value": "1" }, "use_google": { "value": "1" } } Than I updated to 4.1.0 and here the the settings.json with this version : { "__workflow_last_version": "4.1.0", "calendar:9c5fm2sp93jh69uglm3tqevn0s@group.calendar.google.com": { "value": "1" }, "calendar:rrnb0pc7e8ans3qv
  15. Ok thanks for the field. Unfortunately, seems like there is a bug. I am getting this message : Error in org.jeef.today Same error if I type Today, Tomorrow or tcgc commands :/ And even trying to downgrade to 3.9.9 is not helping so far. I tried to delete the org.jeef.today in my Library, but no more luck. Here is the log : 04:33:39 workflow.py:2156 DEBUG Workflow version : 3.9.9 04:33:39 workflow.py:1568 DEBUG Reading settings from `/Users/EH/Library/Application Support/Alfred 3/Workflow Data/org.jeef.today/settings.json` ... 04:33:39 wor
  16. It works ! And the tcgc command is an excellent idea ! I don't know what may not be polished. to me everything seems great. And since you used a Open URL action, I was able to trigger my "work" browser specifically for this action (since I use Google Calendar for work only, iCloud is my personal one) One question, is there any configuration about what the workflow is pulling from an event appart it's title and time ? I hope Google won't change how their Calendar works too often. The workflow "Google Translate" for example can not work anymore because of
  17. Thanks a lot for this release. I updated the workflow with your release 3.9.8 and then launched the command you asked for. And it seems it is getting to my calendars. Here is what it shows in the terminal : ******************************************** Name: Pédiatrie ACL: owner Calendar ID: xxxxxx@group.calendar.google.com 2016-09-16 CB à NEF 2016-09-19T14:00:00+02:00 Resultats audition tournan 2016-09-19T18:30:00+02:00 Groupe psychomot (SG) 2016-09-21T17:00:00+02:00 Rappels parents - CC 2016-09-22T09:00:00+02:00 Jvr neonat CB 2016-09-22T14:00:00+02:00 Staff inter re
  18. Hi Jeffsui, I have finally a new message when typing today or tomorrow. It says my calendar is empty, when in fact it is not. I have 6 calendars in My Calendars, so I tried to add an event today for each. Still nothing to show. Enabling agenda for an account usually gives access to all the agendas. And I can now see "Alfred Today Workflow" in the authorized applications. 15:55:04 workflow.py:2156 DEBUG Workflow version : 3.9.7 15:55:04 workflow.py:1568 DEBUG Reading settings from `/Users/EH/Library/Application Support/Alfred 3/Workflow Data/org.jee
  19. Thanks a lot for your hard work on this issue. Solution 3 in your previous post didn't work for me. Here is what Terminal showed during the process if this may help : If your browser is on a different machine then exit and re-run this application with the command-line parameter --noauth_local_webserver Traceback (most recent call last): File "authorize_google.py", line 64, in <module> main() File "authorize_google.py", line 60, in main credentials = get_credentials() File "authorize_google.py", line 53, in get_credentials credentials = tools.
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