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  1. Just discoring this Workflow. Thanks a lot for your work, definitely great to be able to use it ! I was previously using KeepingYouAwake which is a fork of the Caffeinated app and was looking for some way to use it with a keyboard shortcut. Your workflow soled it all at once !
  2. Hi, I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but the "ns" command won't work. If I type ns, it shows me the description stating I can search in Notes app. But as soon as I add a letter (for ex : ns b), it switched to default Alfred search. I redownloaded the workflow, no change. Any idea ? EDIT : I changed the "n" to "ns" to trigger the search notes feature. Again, using the workflow "as is" with the n trigger gives me the same result. A quick GIF to show the issue.
  3. Thanks a lot ! Worked perfectly ! One last question, is there any reason why "mailto" followed by the name of a contact won't find my contacts when "@" works ? Looking at the workflow, I thought both would show me the contacts corresponding to my query.
  4. Thanks. Here it is : 14:36:36 update.py:231 DEBUG Retrieving releases list from `https://api.github.com/repos/deanishe/alfred-mailto/releases` ... 14:36:36 update.py:235 INFO Retrieving releases for `deanishe/alfred-mailto` ... 14:36:36 workflow.py:2140 DEBUG Workflow version : 2.1.4 14:36:36 workflow.py:2176 DEBUG Workflow finished in 0.020 seconds. 14:36:36 workflow.py:2176 DEBUG Workflow finished in 0.021 seconds. 14:36:36 background.py:236 DEBUG Task `update-apps` running 14:36:36 background.py:237 DEBUG cmd : [u'/usr/bin/python', u'/Users/EH/Library/Application Support/Alfred 3/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.FE95C155-4F23-4D46-9EB8-0E14D728D2CE/update_apps.py'] 14:36:37 workflow.py:2140 DEBUG Workflow version : 2.1.4 14:36:37 update_apps.py:69 DEBUG System default mailto handler : {u'path': u'/Applications/Mail.app', u'name': u'Mail', u'bundleid': u'com.apple.mail'} 14:36:37 workflow.py:1814 DEBUG Cached data saved at : /Users/EH/Library/Caches/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-3/Workflow Data/net.deanishe.alfred-mailto/system_default_app.cpickle 14:36:37 update_apps.py:49 DEBUG mailto handler : it.bloop.airmail2 // /Applications/Airmail 3.app 14:36:37 update_apps.py:49 DEBUG mailto handler : com.apple.mail // /Applications/Mail.app 14:36:37 update_apps.py:53 DEBUG 2 email clients found 14:36:37 workflow.py:1814 DEBUG Cached data saved at : /Users/EH/Library/Caches/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-3/Workflow Data/net.deanishe.alfred-mailto/all_apps.cpickle 14:36:37 update_apps.py:78 DEBUG Client application caches updated in 0.012 seconds 14:36:37 workflow.py:1543 DEBUG Reading settings from `/Users/EH/Library/Application Support/Alfred 3/Workflow Data/net.deanishe.alfred-mailto/settings.json` ... 14:36:37 workflow.py:2331 DEBUG Set last run version : 2.1.4 14:36:37 workflow.py:2176 DEBUG Workflow finished in 0.019 seconds. 14:36:37 background.py:248 DEBUG Task `update-apps` finished Seems like Airmail 3 is detected properly, but I can't select it. But I did all this reload previously, and I wasn't able to choose Airmail. Now I can...! Not sure why. Unfortunately, every time I try to run mailto, I get a "Python"process using 99% of CPU. I realised it because after 2-3 process Python running aside, I hear my fans running So far, only one is running, even after using the Mailto workflow a few times. Is it because of the contacts updating ?
  5. Is there a simple way to update this workflow so it could use Airmail 3 ? The bundle ID hasn't changed ( it.bloop.airmail2 ), but it doesn't seem to see it when trying to change the mail configuration.
  6. Would be great, but not sure the result would be so great if you have too much appointments every day... might be a long and messy list of results. So far I am pleased with the today and tomorrow feature. But if a view of a full week is possible, why not ! By the way, have you been able to get around the "full day" bug ?
  7. Great workflow, thank you very much ! I did a small "tweak" by duplicating the n script filter, changing the keyword to nw and specifying my folder for work related stuff. This way the usual n keyword creates a notes in my Notes folder. The nw creates one in my work folder. By the way, I downloaded it from your bit.ly link here. Is it the latest version ? It is rated as v5, when it is v8 on packal.org, but this one has it last update from 2014.
  8. Excellent workflow, thanks a lot !
  9. Since 4.3.1 (not sure if 4.3.0 has been affected too), Tomorrow shows me tomorrow events AND the day after tomorrow full day events. I guess this has something to do with the fact full day events are scheduled by default in Google to begin at midnight (12:00AM). Not a big issue, but maybe something to consider. Regrads
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