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Alfred 3 glitching


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Hello everyone,


since I am using Alfred to navigate on a server drive at work, I end up with a glitching Alfred when the preview of a file takes longer to work and I call Alfred again.

However this only happens when used "above" Parallels, well for now. This could be due to heavier graphic usage I guess. Here is a screenshot:



I have pre set paths for the server to open them, as i cannot get spotlight to index them. Basically what i do is call that path and then there is a file. The little preview 

on the side is loading and I call Alfred again. This doesn't happen always tho.




Marcel Reuß


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@FroZen_X are the things (Alfred results) we see behind Alfred's calculator previous searches you've done? Is this Alfred glitching? or is it Parallels just not flushing the graphics and leaving old screen draw there? (I suspect Parallels works at a much lower level than many apps).


It's hard to see what's happening from the screenshots.




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The Alfred "windows" are behind the calculator and another search behind that. It could be that this is on Parallels site mmhh its pretty weird however and aside of this i noticed that Alfred "lags" when it tries to preview big layouts at the side. Like the combination together creates the issue. I have a problem with parallels too however as its not performing the best under sierra....Guess this is then on their side.

However there is still the lag times of big layouts, either on my mac or on the server doesn't matter. Is there a way to turn the preview in File Browsing off?

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