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Remote IOS Help Not able to connect

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1. Are both your Mac and iOS device on the same wifi network? (Include IP addresses, subnet and router address listed on both devices)

YES, both are on the same wifi network: MacBook 10:5:12:240, subnet 255:255:0:0  Router IP 10:5:5:1  Iphone 6s:  10:4:13:53  subnet 255:255:0:9, Router 10:5:5:1

2. What kind of network is it? (home, office, university, etc?)

Guest wifi in hotel, but with individual account

3. Did you try restarting both your Mac and iOS device?  

Yes many times

4. When you go to the "Add iOS Remote" step on your Mac, can your iOS device see the Mac at all?  

No, not at all Both MacBook and Iphone just say looking to connect for hours

5. Are you running anything that could block connections? (i.e. Little Snitch, NetBarrier, firewall settings on your Mac or network)

 Not to my best understanding

I'm on mac OS Sierra 10.12.1  It is a Retina mid 2012 Alfred Version 3.2,  Iphone is Iphone 6s IOS 10.1.1 and Alfred Remote 1.1

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What's the router's netmask?




Do any other Bonjour-based services work?


Does specifying your Mac's IP manually not work?


Is it your router or is that the hotel's infrastructure? If the latter, they may prevent devices from communicating with each other for security reasons. 


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I am not sure of the router's network?  I can't seem to find it. 

But I would imagine it is the same as my MacBook and my iphone6s as

I hardly use Bonjour but when I open messages, it seems it is all connected. and there is a green light next to Bonjour and Jabber. 



I tried to specify my MacBook IP manually but nothing happened. 


It is the hotel's .  I do not think it is causing a problem as handoff seems to work very well between my iPhone and my MacBook over wifi. 


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Handoff uses Bluetooth LE, AFAIK (certainly, it won't work without it). Might be a good idea to use Bluetooth for Alfred Remote, too:




If you can't connect via manually-entered IP and port, it sounds like the hotel is blocking devices from connecting to each other. It's a sensible thing to do with lots of guests on the same network.


Perhaps it's worth Googling for such issues with your particular hotel chain, or asking the staff.



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Hello again, 

I was able to use my portable World Sim Trip-WiFI unit and join it with my MacBook and iPhone and at once there connection worked.  So, congratulations to both deanishe and Andrew for their thinking that the hotel has wireless isolation and blocking bonjour traffic.  

I am glad this matter is resolved and all works as expected. Thank you for your help and time. 


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