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Trigger: On clipboard update / on text copy

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Hey there, 
I request the feature to have Alfred trigger on clipboard update, so that I can parse and update my clipboard contents according to my needs. 


Use Case:

I copy a facebook link like this: 


My workflow automatically strips the ?/type=3&theater from the link and update the clipboard contents. 

Use Case 2: 

I copy a link that exceeds a certain character limit. 
My workflow grabs the clipboard content, runs them through a link shortener of my choice, and updates the clipboard contents with my new, shortened link.


I hope this can be done, it'd be awesome. While LinkClean is very helpful, it requires that I have to run it - I'd like to get rid of that step!

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Two years later... :D Sorry for the thread-necromancy. I meant to get back to this tomorrow... next week... soon, and then suddenly, it was 2019.


But I could deliberately call it on clipboard update.

I do love the clipboard manager, but right now I have a clumsy KeyboardMaestro macro to achieve what I want. Perhaps you could add the option to run a script with the clipboard contents as argument from the clipboard manager?

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