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Trigger: On clipboard update?

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Hey there, 

I want a workflow that automatically cleans up links in my clipboard (for example, strip the "type=3&theater" from facebook links). For that, I would like to have my Alfred workflow to trigger whenever I update my clipboard, so that I can follow the logic after. 

How do I achieve that? :)


Thank you already

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Alfred can’t run a workflows automatically whenever you update your clipboard. By design, Alfred needs to be deliberately called.

I’ve made LinkClean to clean links, but since I don’t use facebook I have no idea what unnecessary cruft they usually add to links, hence cannot clean it. If you can give me detailed examples of those, I can add them to the workflow (or you can submit them yourself).

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17 minutes ago, manavortex said:

I'll submit a feature request if I find out how. :)


To be clear, you don’t need to know how to clean them, you just need to give me detailed examples (links in both their “dirty” and “clean” states, showing what’s the part that can be safely removed).

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21 minutes ago, manavortex said:

Hey there, 


I've submitted my feature request. Basically, I think that anything matching this regexes




could go..?


Thanks for your support!


Like I said, what I need are example links. If you try to make the regex for me, I won’t be able to find the optimal way to make it fit with the others.

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https://www. facebook.com/FunnyMommentsLOL/photos/a.1703119446610717.1073741828.1703117756610886/1879942035595123/?type=3&theater

https://www. facebook.com/FunnyMommentsLOL/photos/a.1703119446610717.1073741828.1703117756610886/1879942035595123/?type=3

https://www. facebook.com/FunnyMommentsLOL/photos/a.1703119446610717.1073741828.1703117756610886/1879942035595123/&theater


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